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12th of May 2010

Today I woke up vair late for skool (as usual). got up and did my make as usuall.... i got to skool just in time for the bell.....first we had German me and Luci Bonkers sat down and we were learning time URRGGG ms. mculoch wasnt in so we had Ms. McWilliam and Mr.Bates we were just chating about all the subjects and shit :).
Next we had English wiv Mr thom it is really fun then cuz we have 2 write a book from a fallow on.
Break want that bad exept for the fact John Perv was askin every1 if they were nazi's no reason at all i think he hates em
Next we had the tooth thing it was boring but we got a free water bottle and tooth past and tooth brush i herd Sean Guitar ATE the tooth paste when he got it SICK! i was just chatting to my besty pally Meggan Song through the WHOLE thing then we had to make the stupid ass posters Cameron ThornSon was texting me afew days ago so i had a go at him and Ross Retard was saying they were bestys. :P. next we had science nothing happend here so lets skip to lunch. WELL!! my ex-besty pally (who's name shall not be said's) granny had a go at me and my sister Oh-em-ge she was annoying that lord Meggan Song was there to hold me back she yelled at me and Abbie ThornKitty . the rest of  my day was shit exept the water fight after P.E !